Friday, September 17, 2010

Plum Galette/Crostata - how to make a plum blush...

Before summer takes it’s last breath, I try to gather and use those fruits that I know I’ll miss come winter.  Plums seem to get lost in all the showy sweetness of other fruits such as peaches, apples, and berries.  This is a beautiful way to showcase plums at their very best.  Who knew their color could intensify this much when wrapped in a robe of pastry?

I’ll admit that I haven’t been crazy about plums.  My neighbor has a tree and always leaves a big bag of them this time of year.  But by then I’m usually in the middle of intensive canning, and they end up spoiling on my countertop.  

This year I’m skipping canning, and I'm trying to use up my canned fruits - with my last son leaving on a missiondozens of jars will be too much for myself alone.

Without having to compete with all those other fruits, this year's plums looked pretty good to us - and I had about 8 waiting to be used.  I’ve seen galettes and crostatas on several blogs, and decided to try my hand making this new kind of rough pastry.

If I were to re-name this type of pie - it would be “Lazy Woman’s Pie.”  Soooo easy!  Why haven’t I tried this before?  I can’t wait to use this method on apples and peaches soon.

Be sure to line your baking sheet or stone with foil to make cleanup easy.  This type of pie can ooze a bit, so I folded up the edges of the foil in case it needed to catch juice that could escape.  Foil makes it easy to transfer to a serving plate, and using a pizza stone kept this galette warm for at least an hour.  

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