Thursday, September 2, 2010

Basil/Ranch Veggie Dip

Anything GREEN is usually a RED light for kids...  Occasionally we used “reverse psychology” as we raised our family - trying to discourage them from eating something that is good for them.  And miraculously - a few times they would develop an overwhelming desire to try it (and then ended up LIKING it)  They still love veggies & dip.

My basil plants are reminding me of the play “Little Shop of Horrors”.  I whack them off at the base every few days - and they continue to defy the pruning by taking over my back yard.  

This year I planted three different types of cherry tomatoes - and they also have exceeded my expectations.  The “super” cherry tomato could almost be used as a regular tomato, the orange “sugar bush” is so very sweet, and the “pear” tomato is just plain fun.  I need to use my zucchini tactics (leaving these babies on my neighbors’ doorsteps)

I decided to incorporate my excess basil into a dip.  The bright green color seems to fascinate kids - so the more the better.  Let your little ones pick basil to their hearts’ content and help you wash and dry the leaves.  

They’ll love watching you blend those fragrant leaves in the sour cream - and they really love it when you add the ranch mix (purchased or prepared at home - I've included two homemade ranch dressing mix recipes with this post)

This is a good late-summer snack idea - one you shouldn’t feel guilty leaving on the countertop for kids to snack on all day long.

For this recipe, along with two versions of ranch dressing mix - go to:

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