Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Bake-From-Frozen Biscuits

Refrigerator biscuits are convenient, but sometimes tricky to pry from the pop-open packaging.  This recipe offers even more convenience because you don’t have to yank the doughy rounds apart.  These baked high, light, and fluffy - something you don’t often see in homemade biscuits.

Do you find yourself craving baked biscuits when you’re eating alone?  Making even a small batch can leave you with a dozen extra biscuits that you don’t know what to do with.  

This recipe (from sisterscafe) is a keeper.  I didn’t expect frozen biscuits to bake up so tall and light.  I’ve never enjoyed slamming a tube of refrigerated biscuits on the counter and waiting for the explosion.  And then if you think about what ‘ingredients’ had to be added to keep them from spoiling - it takes all the fun out of biscuits with dinner.

I doubled this recipe and utilized my food processor because I don’t enjoy cutting in butter by hand.  It was really fast to prepare and yielded about 40 biscuits. 

Once you add the liquid ingredients, you may wonder if you’ve made a mistake.  The dough doesn’t seem like it will come together until you tip it out onto your counter and knead it a bit.  I let it rest a few minutes after kneading and then it was relaxed enough to roll out easily.

When I checked the progress during baking, I couldn’t believe how high a 1” biscuit could rise - it was more than 3” tall.  The flavor was wonderful, and the texture was great.  

And yes - I baked them right from the freezer and they turned out perfect.   

Now I plan to try them in recipes that call for refrigerated biscuit dough.  Stay tuned, and I’ll let you know how they fare.

For the recipe with instructions & photos, go to:

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