Friday, August 20, 2010

Primo Chocolate Cake - uncontested winner.

I dream of the perfect chocolate cake, but I’m always slightly disappointed with even the so-called “best” recipes I’ve tested.  I tried to find something wrong with this one, but I haven’t been successful.  Moist, just sweet enough, slightly spongy, and topped with just-right frosting.

When I stumbled upon this recipe on - I felt this woman was reading my mind.  I think we all have a quest for the perfect ________(fill in the blank) - and we’re never satisfied until we find it.  

I also tend to be suspicious when people rave over a particular recipe, as I try to live an understated life.  But I do love chocolate.  And when chocolate really shines as the star ingredient of a recipe - I pay attention.
The first thing that caught my eye was the use of brown sugar as an ingredient.  Interesting.  Then I noticed it called for Dutch-process cocoa.  That also drew me in.  Everything I make with that lovely cocoa turns out superior.  The mixing method was unusual - I didn’t fall asleep making this recipe.  Then the fact that it called for semi-sweet chocolate chips was the turning point.  Not much makes me happier than a handful of chocolate chips.

My take on this recipe:  perfection.  Why?  The cake has a wonderful texture - moist, but not soggy.  Dark, but not evil.  Every day it stands, it gets better.  The frosting is a perfect 10 also.  It holds it’s shape without having the consistency of vaseline, and has just enough sugar and (real) butter to make you close your eyes and savor each bite.  

And the fact that you make it at home with ingredients you are familiar with - makes me happy that all that goodness isn’t playing with my tastebuds using a concoction of chemical additives.

For the photos, links, and recipe for the Primo Chocolate Cake - go to:

Check back tomorrow for a fun, summery birthday cake idea that you can use this recipe to make. 

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