Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Banana Bundts

The texture of these baby-size banana bundts will take you by surprise.  I’ve always assumed that any recipe with “banana” in the title will have the density of banana bread.  It’s lightness comes from a cake mix, with a little extra baking powder and soda to counteract the heaviness of ripe bananas.

Mini-bundts are nice to have on hand in the freezer when you want to indulge in a single-size dessert occasionally.  However, it works to bake this simple cake in standard round cake pans as well.  No mini bundt pans?  Standard or large size muffin tins work equally well, although there would be no depression in the center to hold extra banana pudding.

This is a good way to use ripe bananas, and the (covered) finished cakes keep well for days on end at room temperature.  The creamy banana pudding and sweetened whipped cream make this a refreshing dessert any time of year.

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