Monday, May 24, 2010

Upside Down Blackberry Cobbler - a feast for the eyes.

A buttery biscuit topping is perfect floating on top of this deep red blackberry sauce...  And the best part is you won’t be worrying about the leftovers that are usually part of the process.  Baked in small ramekins, this cobbler is gorgeous when you tip it upside down on a plate and let the berries drip down the edges of the topping.

I can never get the quantity of dessert correct when it comes to cooking for only one or two people.   It seems every single recipe is generously sized for 6-8 people.  Then, later I find myself having a little dose of guilt when I see what’s left going to waste.  And you know the end of that story.

When I saw this recipe in the new Taste of Home magazine, I had just purchased a package of beautiful blackberries.  (They are hard to resist - they are so large and perfect, they almost look fake)

I had just enough left to use in this recipe if I made some adjustments.  Luckily it made enough for three ramekins.  When you make cobbler in a ramekin - it’s fun to turn it into an upside-down version.  That’s when it really shines.  The glossy fruit sauce is not hidden beneath the topping any longer - it's a thing of beauty.  

I changed the original recipe somewhat, as I didn’t like boiling the fruit in sugar (without liquid).  That would break up the huge berries, which would be a shame.  So I added the liquid and brought it all to a boil together.  

I wanted this to be ready just in time for dessert after dinner.  Since it was our 3-hour church meeting yesterday - I got the fruit sauce ready in the ramekins, then prepared the topping (up to the point of adding the milk), and had it ready to go when I walked in the door.  It took just a few minutes to get it in the oven to bake while I set the table and prepared everything else.

If you aren’t ready to serve this immediately when it finishes baking, warm each portion in the microwave for about 30 seconds.  Top with whipped cream for an almost better than fresh-from-the-oven taste.

For this 'just-enough' sized dessert recipe, with photos & instructions - go to:

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  1. This sounds incredibly delicious. I can't seem to have enough berries this time of year!