Tuesday, May 25, 2010

3 Hour (Crockpot Version) Brown & Wild Rice

Oven meals are a life-saver when you want dinner soon after you walk in the door from church on Sundays.  Baked or mashed potatoes are what we usually have, but we would love rice occasionally. Using a crockpot for rice can be tricky, but this worked out well for small portions for dinner.  

Now that I’m practically alone for Sunday dinner, I can get away with ‘stuff’ in my rice.  I remember the days when my children suspiciously picked at anything they thought was foreign in the rice.  I love a nice rice pilaf occasionally, but it makes a huge amount.  I have to really love it to endure it for weeks afterward.  

I decided to use my mini-crockpot to try to duplicate a fabulous rice dish I enjoyed at a recent women’s meeting.  Since I didn’t want to be buried in leftovers, I changed the amounts and tried to adjust it so it would work well cooking on “high” (since it has ONE setting on this really small pot) for three hours.  I was happy with how it turned out, other than next time I will add more liquid (the amounts shown in the linked recipe already have this adjustment added) and salt.  Usually, when cooking in a crockpot, you need to reduce the liquid - but I was being a bit too conservative in my first attempt.

As to where this recipe originated, here is the background...
I serve in my stake Relief Society, and we recently enjoyed a Women’s Conference.  This is an event where all the women in our boundaries (a very large number) gather for a nice dinner and to enjoy selected speakers.   We had a very capable woman (Diane Kennison) serving as the chairperson for the dinner that evening.  

It’s hard to find something that lots of women can help make, bring to a church building (with only TWO ovens!), and combine for serving.  This rice was just the ticket.   We served over 400 that night, with very few leftovers - thanks to Diane’s good planning.  

The recipe for her “Brown & Wild Rice” is included in the post link below, after my adapted crockpot version...

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