Monday, May 3, 2010

Smooth Caramel Syrup & A-Maz-ing French Toast

This creamy caramel syrup could dress up plain old French Toast any day.  But add it to French Toast made with Chunky Monkey Cinnamon Bread - and you’ve just had dessert for breakfast.  Save this for a special occasion or your clothes won’t fit anymore.  

The Chunky Monkey Cinnamon Bread (from yesterday’s post HERE) is heavenly comfort food at it’s best.  But don’t expect it to be tough and tasteless after the first day.  It has just begun to shine.

Slice it thick and try it in your toaster.  All you need is a little butter - there’s plenty of cinnamon sugar (right in the nooks & crannies of the bread) for a fantastic slice of warm cinnamon toast.  

(You know it’s good when you want to eat it with a fork...)  

When toasting, use care - as the gooey buttery/cinnamon sugar mixture on the bottom of the slices can burn if you aren’t watching...

I found multiple sites that claim this to be the “authentic” Kneader’s Bakery Caramel Syrup that goes with their Cinnamon French Toast.  It’s very simple really.  Three ingredients.  

The French Toast can be made in an overnight, baked version.  But it makes a lot, and I wanted to try it before committing an entire loaf to a big pan full.  I thought it had WAY too much milk in the recipe that’s floating around the blog world - so I reduced it accordingly.

The French Toast can be eaten plain - even without syrup, and maybe just a dusting of powdered sugar would be classy.  The Caramel Syrup will make it extra memorable though.

For the french toast AND the caramel syrup recipes - go to:


  1. Is this allowed? Never thought to put it into French Toast. Looks wonderful!

  2. It shouldn't be allowed, but 'sensible' + 'healthy' + breakfast = boring day after day. We're still repenting after pigging out on this a few days ago.