Thursday, April 29, 2010

Lemon Buttered Red Potatoes - not your normal side dish...

Not your normal potato side dish here...  From all appearances, these tender potatoes are prepared with butter & herbs.  What you don’t expect is the lemony glaze that coats the crisped potatoes.  Brief parboiling cuts the baking time in half - then quickly baking in a hot oven gives them a crispy shell.

My friend Jennie shared her recipe for these potatoes a few weeks ago.  I was having a group for dinner and I wanted to serve something on the unusual side with the main dish.  She suggested to make these even better - bake the parboiled potatoes until crisp, then add the lemon butter glaze last.

This recipe reminded me of a baked potato salad I tried last summer, but this side dish is really lemony.  If you enjoy this recipe, try this one (HERE) for a delicious Roasted Potato / Green Bean Salad - perfect for spring/summer. 

After trying this, I found that the amount of lemon sauce it makes is about double what I would use next time.  Or - if you are serving a crowd, simply double the amount of potatoes.  My sons (your classic “meat & potatoes” men) thought these were a little too “girly” and didn’t like how strong the lemon was.  I personally loved it.

I used dried parsley and chives, but I’m looking forward to pulling these from my garden (which is yet to be planted, thanks to the SNOW we are getting here today!)

Thanks to Jennie for this great recipe, and my neighbor JoAnn for yet another cute plate...  And if you are wondering about the skewered chicken next to the potatoes - check back tomorrow for that recipe... (it's one of my latest favorites).

For this recipe for Lemon Buttered Red Potatoes - go to:

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