Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Dressed Up Banana Bread

It’s interesting to see the difference just a few ingredients can make.  Yogurt & brown sugar transforms your common plain-jane banana bread into a smooth-textured, crunchy topped tea bread.  Using up black/brown bananas yields a great return with this changed-up version of a traditional recipe.

Maybe you can identify here - but cold banana bread might as well have a death sentence at my house.  So I expected the same fate for this batch.  I’ll explain.

My family only likes banana bread HOT from the oven (spread with butter of course).  When it cools, they are no longer interested.  Spoiled?  You bet!  But I make it because I kind of like them - and also because I feel guilty watching bananas turning black on my countertop.

When it cooled off, this batch didn’t end up in the trash.  That’s highly unusual.  I always analyze why my kids suddenly start to like something they didn’t before.  I’ve decided, in this case, it’s because of the great light texture (definitely NOT heavy - probably from the yogurt?), and the crunchy brown sugar topping.  Amazing what a little sugar can do.

Just like yesterday’s post (Zebra Striped Banana Bread HERE), this is from (from the Cooking Light Sept 2003 issue).  It freezes well, and (when baked in small loaves) - it’s also easy to keep one and give away the rest...

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  1. This is a late comment but my daughter-in-law taught me to toast cold banana bread slices in the toaster and then of course put butter on. It was delicious and maybe could help that cold banana bread syndrome.