Sunday, April 25, 2010

Giant Birthday (CUP)cake - delightful cake for the 'single candle' birthday...

I’m being honest here... this is a DARLING cake - but I’ll think twice about making it again.  There are just so many nooks, crannies, and crevices for cake to get stuck - that it took several tries to get it right.  But - now you don’t have to go through that process - you’ll have the ‘secret’!  Good luck!

The recipe and idea for this cake is from my friend Sherrie.  She has so much fun with her grandchildren - I want to be like her when I grow up (if that’s possible?)  The photo above is of her cake - so much nicer than our attempt (below) - but we learned a lot!

My daughter was here last weekend, and her third little guy was turning one.  She thought this sounded so fun - and we thought it should be “a piece of cake” to make.  Just a bit of advice - I’ve found when I have those thoughts pass through my brain, it’s time to look out.  A challenge is looming.

We borrowed Sherrie’s pan and got busy.  Sherrie warned us to use a cooking spray with FLOUR in it.  We thought that was overkill, and besides - it would take a trip to the store (but in the end, that would have saved so much time...)  So we proceeded with plain old cooking spray.  As you can see below, the first two cake tries hung onto the ridges of that  pan for dear life.  

While I was gone that night, my daughter looked on the web for another recipe (a chocolate chip bundt recipe) to give it another go.  This time she sprinkled the coating of cooking spray with sugar - with the same sticky results.  By the time I arrived home that night, this is what we had - and she was ready to make what she calls a “loser” cake mix cake in a 9” x 13” pan.  

But after putting the kids to bed and taking a breather, we recommitted ourselves and prevailed!  The third time was the charm.  This time we tried the Fresh California Orange Cake by  It gave us a little solace to read that it took Leigh Anne three times to succeed at her recipe.  My post showing our attempt at her cake is HERE...

And... by the way... grease the pan with a heavy layer of shortening, then spray with cooking spray, and finally immerse that pan in plenty of flour!   If you do, this is what you'll get...

For the original recipe that fits this pan, with all the detailed drama and photos of our MULTIPLE FLOPS - go to:

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