Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Chicken 'n Bacon Stuffed Puffs - a makeover for 'pizza night'...

Need to use up just a ‘smidge’ of leftover rotisserie chicken?  Have a few slices of bacon left from breakfast? (that never happens here...)   These protein loaded puffs make a unique appetizer, main dish, or quick ‘warm-up’ lunch.  The hint of Ranch in the cheesy topping will wake up your taste buds.

I first took notice of this recipe from ourbestbites when I knew I’d have my grandchildren here for the weekend.  Pizza is always a hit with kids, but it’s such a mess for a little person to manage.  The idea of “enclosed” pizza in a hand-sized package appealed to me.  And who doesn’t like anything dipped in Ranch?

I used my favorite Basic Single Crust Pizza Dough recipe (HERE) - the one I always go to for pizza of any kind.  It was ready before I had the chicken diced and the bacon crumbled.  I was worried that the seams wouldn’t seal with the ingredients chaotically placed - but it worked.  

I stored the leftovers in the refrigerator, and they were easy to place on a paper towel to microwave at about 30% power.  Any higher, and the meat toughens (and you’ve seen what happens to any bread if you ‘nuke’ it on high for very long at all...)  

These passed the ‘Grandkids Test’ very well.  They loved dipping them in Ranch, and the lunch mess was kept to a minimum.   I followed them up with sliced fruit dipped in yogurt and they were very happy.

For full instructions and the complete recipe, go to:

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