Thursday, April 8, 2010

Berries 'n Cream Muffin/Cake - a quick gift idea for a friend...

Just like your own kids, after you come up with a good one - you want to make more.  This is yet another way to use the Blueberry Bliss Brunch Cake recipe from a few weeks ago.  It’s a shame not to try it in more than one version - and here are two more recipe angles that work just as well.

Last week with all the strawberries on sale, I went a little crazy.  They were beautiful - a deep red, void of any white spots, and sweet as candy.  That kind of strawberry has been hard to find - especially after all the crazy weather affecting Florida the past few months. 

So... I bought an entire flat - for $9.99.  I felt pretty smart until I realized that I’m not in charge of a ward dinner anytime soon.  My newlywed college daughters were home that weekend and I showed them how to make a quick batch of freezer jam - which they were excited to take home with them.  

One of these daughters told me she has had heavenly PB&J sandwiches every day since...  (For some reason, every one of my kids love how I make a PB&J, which I find odd.  It must be the frozen strawberry jam?!)  I take fresh frozen strawberry jam for granted, because I've always had it in the freezer.  

I still had a bunch leftover that I couldn’t see going to waste.  Then I wondered how they would be in place of the blueberries in a recipe I posted just before Easter.  I still prefer the blueberry version, but it was a nice change.  It’s not often I’ve seen strawberries baked into muffins or cake like this.

The strawberry red color (unlike blueberries) doesn’t intensify with baking.  The red turns slightly pale, but the flavor gets stronger.  The strawberries in the muffins were delicious, but my favorite was the mini Strawberry Cake.  The light pink glaze made it irresistible.

I made it for my good friend Becky that I used to work with at the LDS Conference Center.  She asks me for recipes sometimes, and makes beautiful treats for her single friends.  For her birthday I gave her this 5” non-stick, mini-springform pan with a removable center insert - but I made her birthday cake in it first.  I think she approved...

For the directions and  link to the recipe for this muffin/cake - go to:

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