Monday, March 1, 2010

Pizza Crust on Ice - hot, soft-crust pizza with half the fuss...

About two years ago I clipped this recipe out of the newspaper.  When I (re)found it a few weeks ago I was determined to try it.  This is such a fast and easy way to have hot homemade soft-crust pizza without having to “start from scratch”.  Twenty seconds in the microwave and your crust is ready for toppings!

In June 2008 the Deseret News food section featured an article on stockpiling frozen meals (featuring Jenny Stanger - whose out-of-print book is titled “Fantastic Freezer Meals” - wish I could find one!).  

I am NOT a stockpiler to the same degree this talented woman is - it always backfires on me.  When I do, everyone decides they don’t like that particular item any longer and I’m stuck with enough to feed the five thousand.  

However... when I saw this pizza crust recipe, I knew it could work for me because I could pull it out of the freezer and in minutes I’m halfway to a freshly made pizza.  

This recipe is heavy on seasonings - which I don’t normally put in the actual pizza dough.  Next time I might try it with just the salt, minus the garlic and oregano.  

With it being the month for all things GREEN, I decided to use bright green asparagus tips and cubed ham.  No need for any sauce, and it was much easier to eat that way (without wearing it, as is the case with drippy sauces)

I’m happy to know I have a few of these full-sized packaged pizza crusts tucked away in my freezer for my college students in the near future.  And I also have several individual sized crusts for when I’m home enjoying the solitude.  Just be sure to use them within 6 months of freezing.

For how I adapted this convenient crust recipe, with lots of step-by-step photos - go to:

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