Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Day nine (of sixteen days of GREEN) - Mint Condition Brownie Bites

Strike it rich with these decadent mint-filled brownie bites.  It’s really not necessary to add the frosting flourish, but it adds an Irish touch.  Please any kid-at-heart by garnishing with a chocolate-filled gold coin.  

If you are still in ‘mint condition’ after all the winter holidays of Christmas, Valentine’s Day, and St. Patrick’s Day - you will love this recipe.  I found it on the back of the Guittard Mint Chip bag - called “Brownie Muffins.”  In my opinion, it’s way too rich for a muffin, or even a brownie.  

That’s why I made them into bite size brownies - just a little taste, yet not enough to force you to take a nap after enjoying one.   We loved these.  I gave them away every chance I could, but I still had (more than) my share. 

Any mint chip will do, but if you find Guittard (totally green) mint chips - snatch them up while you can.  They’re hard to find once the winter holidays are over with.   Try piping with pink mint frosting for Christmas too...

I have lots of these chocolate coins scattered all over my house - you would think I have a gold chest in my rafters and it’s rained GOLD.   I feel bad for my married children having to be the CANDY NAZI’s when their little ones beg for all the sugar in easy reach when they visit. 

(I try to justify it as payback for what my kids put us through years ago when we visited the grandparents)  My grandkids are like bloodhounds when it comes to candy - it doesn’t matter where it’s hidden, they’ll find it.  But I love to spoil them - I can’t help it...

For the step-by-step tutorial and recipe for these Brownie Bites - go to:

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  1. My family adores the combination of chocolate and mint. These would be a big hit in our house!