Friday, March 5, 2010

Day Four (of sixteen days of GREEN)

Today green is a distant memory.  Today everything is white, as four inches of snow fell during the night.

Last week we were teased into thinking we would be seeing a lot more green soon.  And really, I know we will.  I know it's coming... weeds, "helicopter" seeds by the thousands in my maple trees, morning glory, crabgrass...  (It's easier to be positive without snow on the ground)

Today at the grocery store, I saw cabbage on sale.  It made me think of another one of my favorite GREEN recipes.  If you've ever been to San Diego and enjoyed a Rubio's Fish Taco with fresh, thinly shredded cabbage - it will motivate you to bring home a head of cabbage, fish fillets, and corn tortillas.  

The combination of a warm corn tortilla, a crunchy hot piece of mild fish, and the crispy fresh shredded cabbage is indescribable.   With the zing of Rubio’s™ white sauce, pico de gallo, and a twist of lime - you’ll begin to crave these.  We experienced this terrific taco on one of our trips to San Diego at the place where it all began - "Rubio's".   See if you don't agree that this is pretty close to the real thing...  My adaptation of this slightly strange, but very satisfying taco is found HERE.

Better yet, if you have a Rubio's near you - let them serve you one.  Once in a while it's refreshing to eat something you didn't make yourself!  

Irish (cabbage) + Mexican (tacos) - only in America!

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