Saturday, March 6, 2010

Day Five (of sixteen days of GREEN)

It's time...

To find a corned beef brisket for a good price, that is.

Because you know that by this time next week the "good" ones will be snatched up.  I always like the "flats" instead of the "points" - and although they are substantially more in cost, the yield is so much better. I roast a brisket because boiling just seems wrong - although it will be much saltier when finished.  To help prevent this - remove the meat from the packaging and rinse in cold water till the slick, salty coating is removed.

We always like potatoes, carrots, and cabbage with our brisket.  Too bad there are only two of us who really enjoy a good brisket - but that eliminates all the competition.  And when everyone has reached their saturation point with cabbage - I open a can of GREEN beans, which pleases all of us.

This recipe for Savory Herbed Potatoes & Carrots is a welcome side dish that goes with all that Irish fare.  The link is HERE...

 Enjoy a great weekend.  Send your recipe links & photos of favorite GREEN dishes to me at if you would like to see them added to our Sixteen Days of GREEN.

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