Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Day fifteen (of sixteen days of GREEN) - sneak in a little green while you can...

Try talking big strapping teenage boys into trying (what they call) "chick food"...  It's a losing proposition most of the time.  But my sons have given me less resistance when I spiff it up a bit.  

Here are some GREEN ideas that have worked for me:

First, try disguising the green.  At first glance, a bacon-wrapped burger looks innocent enough.  Little do they know it's a turkey burger, and that it's filled with sauteed spinach and cheddar cheese.  My teenage son's male response  = "not bad."  (recipe for Stuffed Turkey Pockets is HERE)

Next, try adding pasta.  (And the bacon doesn't hurt, either)  Somehow the addition of pasta wears their resistance down a little.  (The link for "Everything" Layered Salad is HERE)

Sometimes it helps to arrange greens on a nice plate.  Even teenagers notice that it took some effort.

Give them a "dipping" bowl or cup.  Container magic.  Can't hurt.

Start out with plain old ranch dressing - you know, the only kind in the school cafeteria.  Then pull a fast one on them - change it to something exotic like "Green Goddess".  There's so much green going on, they won't even notice.

If you get that far, you're almost home.  Now try a new green vegetable (in this case it's "broccoflower"   Adding melted butter, salt, and pepper makes it irresistible (to mothers anyway)

In case you've never heard of it, Broccoflower™ (pronounced “BRAHK-uh-flower”) is the trademark name owned by California growers Tanimura & Antle, used exclusively for their version of green cauliflower, a cauliflower-broccoli cross.   Broccoflower™ is similar to both of its parents - though in appearance, it favors the cauliflower, rather than the broccoli, side of the family. 

Tomorrow wraps up the Sixteen Days of GREEN...  Thanks for your ideas, input, recipes, and links to your great websites!

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