Thursday, February 18, 2010

White Chocolate Ganache Capped Blondies - need a break from dark chocolate yet?

If you’re still craving chocolate after Valentine’s Day - you can at least “lighten” it up with a different type.  This is a rush of different flavors all together in one dense little baby cake.  Orange, almond, and white chocolate each do their part as they blend together under the white chocolate ganache.

My first pleasure of each day is to sneak out onto my front porch (in my jammies) and bring in the paper.  My favorite day is Wednesday, because I look forward to seeing if there are any new recipes in the food section.  This week’s Deseret Morning News food section included recipes from the Associated Press that had an Olympic theme.  (I don’t know about you, but by the time the Olympics end - I’m going to have full blown sleep deprivation)

Each recipe had some type of Olympic play on words.  This one was titled “Snowboard Blondies”... The white chocolate ganache pictured on top of the featured blondie bars was swirled to look like snowdrifts.  

The idea of white chocolate ganache really caught my attention.  I LOVE chocolate ganache - it’s the ultimate topping for a rich cake or cookie.  But white ganache sounded even better after non-stop chocolate since the first week of December.

Instead of baking mine into bars, I decided to use my mini-cheesecake pan instead - and I was really pleased.  I was surprised that, even without leavening of any kind, these baked high and rounded.  I also tried baking these in miniature disposable pie tins (pictured below)  

I decided to dip the tops of the blondies instead of whipping the ganache and piping it.  A few sprinkles of lime zest really finished them off.

After sitting for a few hours, the orange and almond flavors really melded together and created quite a wonderful combination once the white chocolate ganache had a chance to seep in.  Soooooo good! 

For the recipe, step-by-step photos, and links - go to:

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