Monday, February 22, 2010

Sisters' Honey Lime Enchiladas - sweet, tart, and mild all rolled up in one...

If you think you’ve seen just about every version of enchiladas out there - it’s time to add one more to your file.  The chicken filling is tart and sweet, all at the same time.  These are easy to adapt to both shredded chicken, and leftover pork roast.  These are a nice change from the traditional “red” enchilada.

I must admit that I really enjoy “Americanized” Mexican dishes.  Since I have no loyalty to the traditional versions, I’m not ashamed to wimp out with the milder adaptations.  (I don’t particularly relish the idea of breathing fire for hours after I enjoy a meal)

When I saw this on sisterscafe website (HERE), I printed it out and saved it for when I had a lot of leftover chicken breast on hand.  After reading more closely I found it works well with leftover pork as well.  I’ll keep that in mind next time around.  Somehow it’s difficult finding ways to use a small amount of pork roast.

These are definitely SWEET, and next time I’ll reduce the amount of honey down to 1/4 cup and add some of the green enchilada sauce to moisten the meat.  I’ve never used green enchilada sauce before - it’s wonderful!  

The only thing I was disappointed in was how bland this dish looks as you plate it up.  It really needs to be garnished if you want to make (an immediate) impression.  But patience always pays off - first forkful and you will be amply rewarded.  The really colorful part of the enchiladas is hidden inside the rolled tortilla - with that deep rich chili powder red.

For my adaptation of their recipe, and a link back to - go to:

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