Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Buttermilk Cluster Rolls - tender, TALL, and hot from the oven

These are the one of the highest, most beautiful rolls I’ve ever seen - and that is most likely because they are baked in a springform pan.  The outer ring removes easily for a flawless presentation on your table.  

Do you ever wake up with a random idea of something you want to try?  One Sunday morning I had a real urge to make buttermilk rolls.  I’ve been successful with buttermilk bread, and I thought buttermilk rolls sounded just right for a Sunday afternoon.  

What did we do before we could “google” what we were looking for?  It’s almost depressing to think about.  Within a few minutes I had located this terrific recipe on ruhlman.com   (Click HERE for the original post - I’ve adapted it for those of us who live in the “real” world - but I would LOVE to experience his lifestyle as a food journalist)   I really identify with his opening sentence on his website...  “The best things in life happen when you get carried away”.  That is the story of my life, it seems.

Oh my, these were the ultimate.  We tore into them as soon as they were out of the oven and drowned them in butter and frozen strawberry jam.  I almost forgot to take a few shots with the camera, I was so hungry.  The top crust was chewy like french bread, but the interior was like your grandma’s famous rolls.  

The touch of honey combined with the buttermilk must be what helps them stay moist for more than a week.  Warm rolls, of course, are hard to beat - but these make fantastic toast and sandwiches when sliced thin. 

For this recipe & how-to photos - go to:


  1. WOW! These rolls look absolutely perfect, like they would just melt in your mouth. Wish I could have one right now and it's only 9am.

  2. I just found your wonderful blog and just made your buttermilk cluster rolls tonight, let me just tell you that they taste as amazing as they look! I can't wait to try more of your recipes, you have so many wonderful ones I want to try, thank you for sharing! Dora