Sunday, November 22, 2009

Smooth-As-Silk Banana Squash Soup... every bit as delicious as Butternut

Banana Squash is not now (and probably will never be) a “trendy” vegetable. It may surprise you, or delight you, that it can be used interchangeably for Butternut Squash - the trendy vegetable of the year. This soup is - in my humble opinion - every bit as delicious as Butternut Squash Soup (and much more economical as it grows so large...)

I planted vegetables in the flower beds in my back yard this past summer. This embarrassed my son when he brought friends over to “hang out” - but I told him he couldn’t be humiliated unless I planted squash in my FRONT flower beds. We harvested six of the best squash a month ago. They resemble torpedos on the floor of my cold garage.

We use banana squash as one of those “comfort carbs” - you know what I mean, right? A comfort carb is simply a very bland carbohydrate that cries out to be drowned in butter, salt, and pepper... (aka - potatoes, rice, etc...)

Well, this soup is a new way to indulge in comfort this fall. I found the beginnings of this recipe in several different formats - and (as is customary around here) combined, adjusted, and experimented. We enjoyed it tonight with a spinach, apple, and pear salad - as well as a very interesting no-knead multigrain bread (I’ll post that soon).

For the complete recipe, as well as detailed photos - go to:

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  1. This looks great. I have a big fat banana squash out on my garage floor as well. I'm also guilty of planting veggies in my back yard flower beds! I figured, it's a heck of a lot cheaper, and when all is said and done, you have some great produce to feed the fam, which saves on the grocery bill. I figure it as a win, win! Thanks for the recipe!