Friday, November 20, 2009

Cranberry, White Chocolate Chip, & Pecan Cookies - lumpy, bumpy goodness

The texture and lumpy-bumpy appearance of this cookie make it absolutely irresistible! Chunks of white chocolate, toasted pecans, and tart cranberries make this a recipe you will use again and again during the Holidays. Adjusting the baking time will make them crisp, or soft and chewy - your choice...

I found this treasure of a recipe on Kathleen’s fun blog “Gonna Want Seconds” - you’ll love it. As she writes - “They are soft and sweet and a wee bit tart all at the same time. I absolutely LOVE these cookies!”

The aroma from the oven will bring crowds. I’ve never been a real fan of craisins - they’re just a bit too tart for me to enjoy by the handful (like raisins), but you’ll never suspect that is what they are. The bright red color is perfect for the upcoming holidays. I think the sweetness of the white chocolate really tones them down to an enjoyable tartness.

I must tell you that it will make a huge difference in the final outcome if you take the time to toast the pecans. The extra crunch and flavor is more than worth the extra half hour it takes. I used butter flavor shortening (as Kathleen suggests) so that the cookies would be extra chewy and soft. But I was a bit disappointed the “chewiness” didn’t last past the night I made them. It could have been that I overbaked them a bit, but next time I’ll try real butter.

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