Friday, November 13, 2009

Pumpkin Layer Cake w/Cinnamon Cream & Ganache - savor it SLOWLY...

Like carrot cake, but with a pumpkin base - this cake is full of fall spices, crushed pineapple, and tart cranberries. The cake is split, then layered with a whipped cinnamon cream. Topped with a rich chocolate ganache, this makes a wonderful fall dessert.

Yesterday was the funeral of a wonderful 99-year-old friend who passed away. I wanted to make something special for the luncheon for the family - and I wanted it to be more than a boxed cake mix... I remember the time and love that went into the luncheon after my husband’s funeral. You might think the family is too sad to notice, but those memories are still with me seven years later. I thought of carrot cake for this dear woman - that was her generation’s “special” cake it seems. Are you a carrot cake fan? If so - you will love this recipe because it’s reminiscent of that old favorite, but with a pumpkin base.

I found a recipe that, at first glance, seemed to be just what I wanted as I searched for a pumpkin layer cake. Anything pumpkin sounds fantastic this time of year. I needed to make two complete cakes from three 9” layers. This involved tweaking the ingredients, then adding and deleting a few. Most recipes make two 9” layers - not quite enough to make a second cake to give away.

The cake is simple, and can be mixed together with a rubber spatula and bowl - but I used my trusty electric mixer for convenience. If all the cake ingredients are pre-measured and the cake pans prepared, this will go together really fast. I added dried cranberries - which were a tart surprise. If you don’t like cranberries - use currants or raisins instead. Traditional carrot cake often has flaked coconut and chopped walnuts also - but that would have sealed it’s fate at my house. So add or subtract to your liking.

For the recipe & detailed step-by-step photos of this yummy fall cake, go to: ("full house" tab)

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