Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Peach Waffle Topping - absolute breakfast heaven!

This is the next-best-thing to fresh fruit on waffles... This topping is just sweet enough to allow the fresh baked waffle to really shine. We’ve even enjoyed these for dinner occasionally - when we are too weary to prepare a traditional evening meal.

With cold weather at our door - we love to make waffles on Saturday mornings. I’ll post our favorite Belgian waffle soon... it’s great! This past weekend was our first real blast of winter - and we celebrated being able to stay home in our jammies by making waffles - with this great syrup.

My daughter brought this to our own little reunion (just my kids, their spouses, and my grandkids) on the Oregon coast a few years ago. It was perfect - just sweet enough, yet the fruit made it seem healthy. Poured over a warm, buttered waffle - this is absolute breakfast heaven!

Since I don’t often freeze fresh peaches, I used a quart bottle of peaches from last year. I simply drained them, diced them, and used the reserved juices in place of the water in the recipe. I’m sure fresh peaches would be terrific - but this was a good way to use home bottled fruit.

For this delicious, simple recipe - go to:
www.changeabletable.com ("full house" tab)

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  1. We have this running joke that pancakes are just cake ... without frosting. But then add syrup and it's ... cake for breakfast! Ok maybe not exactly but close.
    We have been doing the instant pancake/waffle mix from Whole Foods , Batter Blaster organic. Pretty good if not quite as good as scratch. But then the kids absolutely drown them in syrup.
    THey do love peaches so maybe we can introduce your peach topping to the morning mix.
    Great post - thanks for the motivation!