Saturday, November 7, 2009

"Everything" Layered Salad - vegetables at their very best...

If one of your favorite veggies is NOT in this salad, that would be hard to believe. With so many textures, flavors, and colors - it should qualify as “EYE CANDY”... Topped with a mild, creamy dressing - this salad will hold beautifully overnight, and up to several days. This would be a great addition to your Thanksgiving menu, as well as a healthy vegetable dish to have on hand with all those turkey leftovers.

In Utah we are all familiar with a favorite layered salad - often called “Sarah’s Salad”, as well as the old standby called “Seven Layer Salad”. The advantage of making a layered “overnight” salad is that it improves as it is refrigerated, not to mention how organized you will feel taking it from the refrigerator already prepared and ready to serve on a special occasion.

I found FOUR recipes that each had a few ingredients I thought would work. So I printed each of them, and sat there pondering in the kitchen at 11:30 at night. By no expertise of my own (call it a miracle) - the colors and flavors looked beautiful together, and the trial & error dressing was different and fun.

Allowing it to chill overnight helped the flavors blend with the fresh vegetables. It was easy to serve with the dressing that held it together enough to transfer easily to salad plates.

For this recipe, along with detailed photos & directions - go to: ("full house" tab)

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