Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Let them (US) eat cake...


If there is one thing we do well as a family - I would have to say it's enjoying a meal together. At my son's wedding reception, we opted to actually USE their wedding cake as part of the buffet. Usually, cutting the cake comes at the end of a Utah wedding reception - right as the crowd is dispersing. The families then dutifully take the leftovers home and suffer through a few weeks of "what's for dessert? - not CAKE again!" The cake top goes in the freezer for the next year (getting crushed/relocated/and inadvertently thawed - then refrozen a few times till their first anniversary)

We decided to have our cake person (Steph's Cake Creations) make just a top layer, then these beautifully decorated cupcakes with marshmallow fondant for the guests to take as they walked by at the end of the buffet. It was nice to have every guest be able to share their wedding cake that day. And yes - we had plenty of leftover cake - but it was delicious to the very last cupcake!!

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