Sunday, September 27, 2009

"Sludge" - SMOOTH way to use your home canning rejects...

Here in Utah it seems this is the season for home canning... mostly tomatoes, peaches, and pears. I found this recipe last year on KSL5 Recipes, but it called for bottled pears instead of peaches. Pear Sludge is fantastic, but can be a little “grainy” - so we prefer bottled peaches instead.

Last year I found this way to use up the bottled fruit that didn’t seal when canning. It’s just SO disappointing to go to all that effort and have two or three bottles that you can’t line up on your shelf. My son and I enjoy this when we want a little something sweet, but don’t want to get a “sugar migraine”...

This drink is a LOT less expensive than a smoothie mix - and has a lot less sugar in it too. Here is a delicious way to use up canned fruit that is starting to look a little less-than-appetizing in storage. We are going to try it with our less-than-pretty fresh peaches that don’t look like they will be good in a bottle.

Try the “Cooler” and “Slushy” drink recipes included in this post as well... For the recipe(s) & links - go to: ("empty nest" tab)

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