Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Peaches In a Blanket - personal size bundles of fruity goodness...

I love apple dumplings, and wanted to give equal opportunity to the peaches that are at their peak right now. You know that just about anything wrapped in flaky pastry will take on a new identity - and peaches are no exception. With a tender-crisp outer crust, and soaked in a sweet, buttery sauce - these qualify as summer comfort food.

You’ve had peach pie by now, right? If you haven’t, and you don’t have enough for a full pie - use what you do have this way. Peaches cook much faster than apples, and these can be ready more quickly than pie. I made these when I was home alone last weekend, and I couldn’t leave them alone. I had to ration them to one-a-day (like the vitamin).

These are best served warm with a shot of sweetened whipped cream, a drizzle of liquid cream, or even a scoop of everyone’s favorite (ICE cream, that is...) It’s easy to pop these in the microwave or a warm oven for a little bit - then they taste almost as good as freshly made.

I added some praline pecans to mine - and it added a great flavor and crunch in the middle of the tender, juicy peach. I’ve seen similar recipes that call for Mountain Dew poured over apple dumplings - but Sprite was delicious. And no - this is NOT health food... but homemade trumps ready made high-carb sweets any day!

For this recipe, instructions, and step-by-step photos, go to: ("empty nest" tab)

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