Sunday, September 13, 2009

Golden Cheddar Squash Bake - like "macaroni & cheese minus the macaroni"...

Summer squash, crook neck squash, or yellow zucchini - whatever you call it, it’s hay day is ready to come to a close. Make sure your memories are fond ones by serving it up in this unusual dish. In the original recipe, it is described as “macaroni & cheese minus the macaroni”... Sized down to serve 6-8, this is sure to please even your most discriminating vegetable aficionado.

I found the original recipe I adapted this from described on Serious Eats website - and it took some detective work to be able to find it. Originally in Tracey Medeiros's book titled “Dishing Up Vermont” - it’s title is Grafton Squash Casserole and it can be found in several places on the web. The recipe is promoted by Grafton Village Cheese Company - and their cheese apparently is well known for it’s unique flavor. Since I have no way to try it clear out here in Utah - I improvised and made it with good ‘ol cheddar cheese from (gasp!) Sam’s Club...

From the ingredients, you can tell it’s going to be rich-tasting and full of flavor. As you know, summer squash can be bland if not handled the right way. The topping is wonderful with Panko crumbs, even more cheddar, and smoky paprika. All in all - it lived up to my expectations.

For this adapted recipe, photos, and directions - go to: ("full house" tab)

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