Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Soft, Foldable Flatbread - wrap it around just about anything...

Warm and just soft enough - this flatbread wraps itself around just about anything. Perfect for summer garden produce - tomatoes, peppers, onions - you name it. We enjoyed it with leftover boneless babyback ribs with melted cheese. Also delicious with caesar salad and chicken. You’ll never go back to tortillas or pita bread after these.

I’ve seen several versions of similar breads floating around, but this one had one extra ingredient that made me think it would bake up extra soft. It certainly did, and that ingredient is dehydrated potatoes. They can be in any form - flakes, buds, or even potato flour.

The website I found this on is King Arthur Flour - and their tutorial is excellent. I didn’t follow their instructions exactly, because I think 2 full hours for any bread is extreme - so I hurried it a bit. That is probably why mine are not as bubbly looking as theirs. But no matter - they were really enjoyed, and we hardly took the time to notice their appearance.

The “secret” to making these so soft and foldable is that you cook some of the starch in the flour first, which makes the dough very easy to handle, with the resulting bread soft without any starchy taste. It really works!

While your bread is rising - use your excess tomatoes and green peppers to make pico de gallo, or a variety of any fillings. These are excellent to use as wraps for just about anything you can imagine - from gorditas to individual thin pizza crusts. Easy to store and use up - even if you're home alone...

For this recipe and photos - go to:
www.changeabletable.com ("empty nest" tab)

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  1. Cool secret ingredient! I'll have to try these. They are so versatile. Thanks!