Sunday, August 2, 2009

Parmesan Chicken Crepes - full of good things...

I had the most amazing crepes a few weeks ago, and the friend that made them unfortunately left town before I could get the recipe from her. When I’m in the mood for something I’ve had (and LOVED) before - I am driven to duplicate it. So this is a product of taking elements from three different recipes that were “close”... Not bad (and even pretty good actually, depending on who you ask...)

Pictures sometimes fail to depict the most important part of a recipe - the taste. So I apologize if you can’t experience how good these are - you’ll just have to trust me. So, now you trust me - let me tell you to consume these immediately after preparing them. I refrigerated these and served them a day later. No comparison, so take my advice and make them just before you need them. They were tasty, just not sensational any longer. Fresh vegetables (like the asparagus and mushrooms) have a tendency to seep juices after standing even a day once they have been initially cooked.

If you have a favorite crepe recipe, feel free to use it in place of this one. And give a non-stick fry pan a try when preparing them - they don’t have the “lacy” appearance from being cooked in butter, but they are so much faster. Once covered in sauce, you will never know the difference.

For the recipe, and detailed photos with instructions - go to: ("full house" tab)

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