Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Summer's Harvest Pizza - great way to use your garden's bounty

What an unusual way to use all those veggies that are begging to be included in your menu... Before you turn up your nose as you read the ingredients list - give this a fighting chance for dinner tonight. This is a fun alternative to the meat & fat-laden traditional pizza. The flavors blend so well, and this is one more recipe to help you use the plethora of zucchini that keeps showing up abandoned on your porch.

I found this unusual pizza variation on thisweeksmenu.blogspot.com (called “Corn & Zucchini Pizza w/Lime & Cilantro”) - and it intrigued me. It looked delicious, but called for a few ingredients that I don’t normally have on hand. So I eliminated the feta cheese and red pepper flakes, as well as squeezing fresh lime juice over the top before serving. Everything else I had on hand without a trip to the store. It was nice to be able to use an extra ear of cooked corn that was left from our festivities last weekend.

I had never considered using my plain-jane, non-exotic garden produce on pizza before (except for the usual tomatoes and green peppers - zzzzz....) As long as you slice the zucchini very THIN, you will hardly know it’s there, and the corn was a fun addition also.

This was an easy slice of pizza to hold in your hand, as it wasn’t dripping with a sauce or fat. This crust was chewy, but not overly soft - with just enough crunch to make it a nice blend of thin/crispy and chewy style pizza dough. I resized the recipe to make just one pizza - two is just too much...

For the recipe with detailed photos and instructions, go to:
www.changeabletable.com ("full house" tab)

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