Thursday, July 30, 2009

Raspberry Buttermilk Cake - for summer's last berries...

Looking for a summery picnic cake? One that it isn’t imperative that you add frosting? One that uses the last of the fresh raspberries of the season? This meets all those qualifications (and more). You’ll love the rich vanilla flavor, the dense (yet somehow light) texture, and the occasional surprise when you happen upon a fresh raspberry hiding in the middle. Wonderful with a light vanilla glaze, or whipped cream.

This recipe makes one 9” cake - and I decided to triple it and make three. Two to give away, and one to enjoy here. It is a fairly small cake, so with a little help from company - it disappears really fast (which is important when you live alone...) It also keeps very well and retains it’s moist texture for a long time, so you can snack on it for days.

Waiting for the last raspberries of the season is like watching the last snowfall (only warmer...) You know you’ll miss it, but you are feeling guilty for wishing it would come to an end. I must admit, I’m looking forward to fresh peaches, pears, and apples soon... This recipe was a pleasure to make because I actually had all the ingredients right here at home.

For this recipe and it's source, along with photos and instructions - go to: ("empty nest" tab)

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