Monday, June 15, 2009

Watermelon Wedges 101 - make your fruit plate stand up and get noticed!

I love having a container of fresh fruit all prepared and ready in the refrigerator for open-range grazing. When I’m alone for meals, I convince myself that it’s too much trouble going to any bother preparing something. But the 10 minutes I spend prepping these melon wedges always pays off each time I peek in the refrigerator looking for something healthy to eat! Then I always have something impressive on hand to take to a potluck, BBQ, or when I’m asked to bring something to dinner...

Presentation, presentation, presentation
... The three rules of successful cooking. Just a little more time and forethought can pay off big when you need a plate of fruit.

This works best with seedless watermelon (and I’ve noticed it’s hard to find SEEDED melon anymore...) So, if that’s the case - how do we encourage reproduction in the melon industry anyway? (Just wondered...)

I started cutting my melon this way to match the cantaloupe slices everyone asks me to bring with a fruit plate. To see how I prepare cantaloupe, here is the LINK.

Give this a try and see if your melon tray gets a little more notice!

For step-by-step instructions on how to prepare these fun watermelon wedges, go to: ("empty nest" tab)

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