Thursday, June 4, 2009

Strawberry Cheesecake in a Cloud - strawberries at their best!

Here is an unconventional way to enjoy strawberry cheesecake... You just can’t go wrong with anything spooned into a cream puff! And that eliminates the need to go to all the effort of making a standard pastry or graham-cracker crust. Best of all - it’s bite-sized! A break-through idea for an elegant dessert buffet, or a sweet finish for a luncheon...

About this time of year, as the strawberry season winds down - I feel a little wistful. Nobody seems to get as excited about fresh strawberries as they did a few months ago. Yet, I know that in a short time I will be craving them again. So I continue to dream up ways to enjoy them while they are plentiful AND inexpensive...

I have an easy cheesecake recipe that I use when I’m especially lazy... I cut that down in size, added slightly less sugar, and folded in some beautiful strawberries I found at the grocery store for a STEAL... See why I get a little nostalgic about strawberries? Just when I get a little weary of using them - they disappear for a really long time!

For this recipe (as well as the EASY cream puff recipe), photos, and instructions - go to:
www. ("full house" tab)

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