Friday, June 26, 2009

Puff Pastry Berry Tartlettes - ready to get out of your BOX?

Where have I been all my life? In Utah? It’s good I didn’t grow up in France, or I would have spent my entire life over-indulging in pastries like this. As I said in the last post - a food snob I’m NOT, but after this I’m reconsidering... These delicious tarts are easy enough to make in your sleep once you’ve mastered the Rough Puff Pastry in the last post. Surprise yourself and become a food snob!

Are you ready to get out of your box?
This is a good, safe way to start:

Step one: make Rough Puff Pastry from yesterday’s post (HERE) Then take a day off.

Step two: Take advantage of any fresh berries or fruits in season.

Step three: In half an hour you can have these on your dessert platter.

Step four: Prepare for compliments.

For this recipe, photos, and ideas - go to: ("full house" tab)

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