Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Mom's Filled Cookies - perfect with COLD milk...

When you live alone, you have the freedom to do things “just because” you want to... If you feel like making a plate of cookies, you don’t have to explain why to anyone. My mother and I are both widows, yet we still enjoy baking up a storm occasionally just because! These cookies of my mothers have a long history, and today she shared that with me - along with a big plateful of the best fruit and nut filled cookies on earth...

My mother grew up in Orangeville, Utah - a perfect “small town” where nobody has secrets... This recipe was also NOT a secret, and Mom has this recipe today because Mrs. Cox couldn’t keep it to herself! As Mom moved from Orangeville, she took it with her and perfected it (as she always does with her recipes...)

It is a combination of this heavenly sour cream cookie dough (from Mrs. Cox - we STILL don't know who she actually is!) and a filling recipe she found in a magazine in the 1950’s. She felt it needed to be sweeter, so she added brown sugar - and a family tradition was born.

My husband loved this cookie with a tall glass of COLD milk (the temperature of milk was very important... it could not be lukewarm!)

For this traditional recipe - go to: ("empty nest" tab)
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  1. What a creative cookie! I really like the presentation - they sound like they really would be perfect with a tall glass of milk!