Friday, May 29, 2009

TOP Banana Cake (bread, or muffins) - understatedly delicious!

You don’t like banana bread? How about cake? Muffins? This recipe will work for all three - and it will change your mind about ho-hum banana ANYTHING. Moist and tender, no burned outer edges, exceptional flavor, and it even gets better with age. (I wish I could say that about myself...)

I found this praised exorbitantly on a food blog, and it directed me to a post on Recipezaar. Whenever I see high praise for a recipe, I must admit I’m a little skeptical (who would post anything that is LESS than exceptional anyway?!) I actually found it on several sites - so I thought it had potential. Well, that is UNDERstating it! You can’t help but love this cake/bread/muffins/bundt - or whatever you decide to call it (because it could fit the bill for all of these - no bananas about it.

A few words of advice about this recipe:
Yes - the baking temperature is correct.
Yes - the baking time is correct (although you may need to adjust it
for your own oven - some appliances are fussy)
Yes - you SHOULD really put the finished cake in the freezer as
directed (trust me).
Yes - this gets better the longer it stands before eating
(refrigerating also improves it, but isn’t required)

See if it doesn’t convince you to LOVE bananas. And yes, I DID change the name (I thought it was appropriate, because it is the best banana anything we’ve ever had...)

For this recipe, photos, and instructions - go to: ("full house" tab)

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  1. These sound delicious! I love the shape of the cupcakes.