Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Chicken Pot "Pie-lette" - the ultimate comfort food

My daughter loves chicken pot pies - the frozen ones that are 90% crust and 10% unidentifiable vegetables with a sliver of chicken thrown in for good measure. The sodium content is at least 75% of your RDA, and almost the same percentage of your daily calorie intake. BUT... they are very convenient for a college student to throw in the oven when they stagger home from class close to death.

So I thought I would try to make one using the leftover rotisserie chicken I picked up at Sam’s Club last weekend. I love rotisserie chicken - it is moist, easy to cube up, and keeps a few days till I think of another way to enjoy it. I wanted to make a gravy that doesn’t separate with freezing - so I used cream soup and cream cheese. I even used leftover vegetables from Sunday dinner. So I didn’t have to make a trip to the store for any exotic ingredients - hooray!

The crust recipe I used (see the “Buttery Pastry Crust” recipe link from yesterday here) has a buttery flavor - and adding the top crust in “grated” form (like I used to make the Mumbleberry Pie the day before yesterday) allows the gravy to bubble through the holes. It also makes it much easier not having to seal the top crust in the traditional way.

I decided to bake them in mini glass ramekins (so I can heat them in the microwave as well as the oven), but next time I’m going to try my hand at large muffin tins lined with foil (so I can easily take them out of the tins to freeze) It would also be great to make these in disposable foil mini pie tins to give away. Try keeping these in the freezer and using them one-by-one for a quick meal for just yourself...

For the recipe/photos/tips - go to: ("empty nest" tab)

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