Friday, May 8, 2009

Cheese-filled "Baked" Mashed Potatoes - a gift from Mom

Think of your favorite mashed potatoes (creamy, buttery, complete with the lumps that shout “homemade!”)... Now add savory buttered crumbs on top. Then, when you think you’ve got it all - spoon a little onto your plate to find a layer of melted cheddar/jack oozing from the middle. Heaven!

This recipe has been my children’s favorite for longer than I can remember. As always - there is a movie quote that is dramatized at every meal we have ANY type of mashed potatoes... (from “While You Were Sleeping” - Midge Callahan says “these potatoes are sooooo.... creamy!” And, when nobody seems to be listening, she says “Mary mashed ‘em” - all the while a very RANDOM dinner conversation is going on... This is so TYPICAL of dinner at my house!)

Like most family favorites, this recipe has morphed each year I’ve made it. I like to think it has improved, but it’s only changed right along with the kids. I made it the first time because someone (I forget who) had their braces tightened. Then someone had dental surgery, then the baby could actually chew it, then my husband requested it (he had grown to like it in spite of it being what he called “rest home food”) So everyone loves it for different reasons - but it never appealed to me. Until now that is - all I had to do was put cheese between two layers of the potatoes - and the rest is history.

For this recipe, photos, and instructions - go to:
www.changeabletablecom ("full house" tab)

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