Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Blueberry Pancakes - get ready for "Blueberry Month" in July

Everywhere I go I see blueberries... When my family was here (in mass) this past holiday weekend, we decided to give this recipe a try. By the way - did you know...
Wild bears will eat nothing except the succulent, juicy blueberries when they are in season. It has been documented that they will travel, with an empty stomach, from ten to fifteen miles per day to sniff out a blueberry patch (and so will hungry children if they are waiting for breakfast...)

I knew my family would all congregate over the Memorial holiday weekend - so I was looking for something different from the standard big batch waffles we are used to.

I really wanted to buy fresh blueberries - but when I saw that I could buy a five pound bag of frozen berries for the same price as two pounds fresh - I reconsidered. BUT - if given a choice - I would not hesitate to use fresh over frozen. The first reason is that they don’t give off that blue tinge when mixed into a batter. The second reason is they are less likely to “water down” your batter as it cooks or bakes. But there are ways to get around that...

We like using both buttermilk syrup (I’ll post that soon...) and grape syrup (leftovers from bottling our grape juice) on this pancake - although I have children who won’t use anything BUT maple syrup... Blueberry syrup on top of blueberry pancakes is almost too much of a good thing - we like the contrast of using a different flavor of syrup so the blueberry flavor can really stand out.

For this recipe, photos, and lots of blueberry hints and trivia - go to: ("full house" tab)

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  1. We love blueberries in our house, too. Your blueberry pancakes look delicious! If you're looking for yet another blueberry dessert, I have an easy crockpot blueberry grunt on my blog. It's delicious.

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