Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Chowder - you CAN take it with you!

I’m going to be taking a few meals on a 6 hour road trip this coming week when my new little grandson arrives on the scene. As I’ve looked through my recipes, I’m determined to take something that: 1 - Doesn’t spill, 2 - Lasts for more than one meal, 3 - Can almost be a meal in itself, and (finally) 4 - Satisfies even a hard-working farm boy. As you can see - our “Favorite Clam Chowder” fits my requirements!

I wanted to take something to feed my daughter's family until word gets out and the meals start arriving (in mass) at their door. You may be thinking “Clam Chowder? - But it’s warm outside!”... Just remember, it’s SPRING (the season that can’t make up it’s mind between snow, sunshine, rain, and who knows what else). As we say here in Utah - “if you don’t like the weather, just give it a few hours...”

This recipe is one that most people who consider themselves “locals” have in one version or another. Our family recipe we used to call “Bratten’s Clam Chowder” - named for a well-known seafood restaurant that closed it’s doors long ago. There are a few things that make it (seem) uniquely OURS though - one of them being the addition of vinegar (which sharpens the taste from bland to wonderful), and the use of a very rich white sauce made from cream and/or half & half. As with most chowders - this improves with age, and we almost always let it stand in the refrigerator for at least a day before we serve it.

For this recipe, photos, and a few tips - go to:
www.changeabletable.com ("full house" tab)

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