Thursday, March 12, 2009

Slice 'n Bake Lemon Gems - *tangy taste and texture

Smooth mellow shortbread edged with crunchy nonpareils, this is definitely an interesting cookie. Fresh lemons add a springy taste, and they look so fun arranged in a swirl on a glass serving plate. Simple to make just a few at a time!

These cookies are a hit wherever I’ve taken them. My favorite way to serve them is with three small scoops of different flavored sherbet (raspberry, pineapple, and lime - it looks so pretty!) Perfect for a wedding or baby shower (you know how we love girl food) But I haven’t found a man or boy who doesn’t enjoy them as well. This year I want to try GREEN and white for St Patty’s Day... and substitute LIME for the lemon - what do you think?

For the recipe, hints & instructions, and photos - go to (be sure to click on the "empty nest" tab)

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