Friday, March 6, 2009

Almond Puff - literally a little slice of heaven!

If I were to describe this to someone, I would tell them it is a shortbread crust, covered in a cream puff, then drenched in a light frosting, and sprinkled with almonds... It always surprises people to find out the ingredients in this “cookie” (the only thing that makes it a cookie is the frosting)

This is a favorite recipe of mine because it always makes me look like I worked really hard...(but that couldn’t be further than the truth!) These are much easier than standing by the oven for a few hours making cookies.

One of the side benefits is that it is LOW in sugar - the only sugar it has is in the light frosting. (We will ignore the drawbacks - butter has to be a good thing once in a while)

For recipe & step-by-step instructions (with pictures) go to: ("Full House" tab)

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  1. Hi Anne! I have added you to The Hive and sent you an invitation to post on our blog. Welcome to the group - we are glad to have you!

    These almond puffs look and sound incredible! I can't wait to look through your blog some more!