Monday, September 12, 2016

Perfect Peach Cobbler

My youngest son Chal married his beautiful wife Kelsey a few months ago.  

Chal's birthday is coming right up, and Kelsey was asking him what kind of cake he would like.  He surprised us by saying he wanted Peach Cobbler.  He couldn't really say WHICH peach cobbler he likes best.  So we quizzed him... do you like it cake-ey, crunchy, lots of topping, just a little on top?  Too many questions - but he knows it when it's "perfect".  

With it being harvest season here in Utah, I finally made it to our city Farmer's Market about 1/2 hour before they closed on Saturday.  I was on a quest for great peaches.  My favorite peaches are Lemon Elberta.  Of course, everyone was sold out.   I stopped at one last stand where they had about twenty peaches sitting in the bottom of a box.  Obviously they were the rejects people had asked them to replace from the top of the boxes they bought.  They were really bruised, but they were a great deal.  (Substandard peaches hide really well in a cobbler.)  Next day, I tried this fantastic cobbler recipe I found in a Google search.  Thank you Google!

This cobbler may seem a little more complicated because it takes three separate steps - the peach mixture, the "dumpling" mixture, and the topping mixture.  But it was simpler than I thought - and even though I didn't really want to pre-bake the peach mixture before topping with the dumplings - it turned out perfect.  Tender, just a little bit 'cake-ey', and that crunchy, cinnamon sugar topping took it over the top.  

If you don't love cinnamon, that's OK.  Just reduce it (or even eliminate it - but it would be really unremarkable without it)  If you like more topping, you could double it, but we loved it as is.

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