Monday, August 1, 2016

Slice of Watermelon Sherbet Cake

Today is a first for me. The first time I've posted on this blog. This blog has been a great resource for me as I have spent the last 13 years learning how to make food for my growing family. Just to introduce myself, I'm Aryn, Anne's oldest daughter! I grew up in the suburbs of Salt Lake City but turned into a country girl when I moved to Idaho with my husband 12 years ago. We live in a small agricultural town and I love it! My table is always full. Full of hungry kids, endless projects, intense meal time conversations, filling meals and some dinner flops, homework, sports equipment and my ultimate goal on one of those good nights, lots of love! 

My Mom is the first one I think to call when I have any questions, especially if those questions pertain to the kitchen. When I can't talk to her, this blog is sometime the next best place for advice. I'm excited to share a few things I've figured out and that my family enjoys! 

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