Friday, June 24, 2016

Bouquet of Rolls

When your food assignment for a summer potluck happens to be rolls, you might want to give these a try.  This bouquet of "rolls" can be made with any dough, even frozen roll dough.

This "bouquet" should be baked in a circular pan for the right look.  I used glass, but you could also use metal pie tins, or a spring-form pan as well.  If you use a spring-form, you can display your bouquet on a pretty plate.

To form your rose shaped rolls, begin by dividing your dough into portions about the size of your fist.  It also helps to let the dough rest for at least a few minutes so it can "relax" enough to roll out easily.

Now roll two of these portions out at a time.  Make one slightly smaller than the other.  Spread melted butter over both.  Now roll from the long side, like a jelly roll (not too tightly).  Now, using a sharp knife or bench scraper - cut the two ends long enough so they can stand up in the pan and resemble a flower.  

The remaining center section can then be cut into triangles.  Notice that the two rolls that are next to the roses will be straight on one side.  

Now arrange the rose-shaped rolls in the center of your round pan.  You'll want some space between them, but not too much.  As they rise, they will start to "bloom" and support each other.  

Arrange the remaining triangle-shaped rolls around the perimeter of the pan as shown.  Don't overthink this - it can make you crazy.  But bread is a beautiful thing as it bakes - it just "fills in" and looks amazing.  Even if it's different every time. 

Allow to rise until the rolls nicely fill the pan, then brush with melted butter and bake as directed in your recipe.

Since this is a tightly packed baking dish, you'll want to make sure you bake them long enough - or you'll have some underdone rolls in the center.  Be sure to check for signs of doughiness before you take them out.   Feel free to brush with even more butter after they cool slightly - it'll add a nice sheen and they will look irresistible!

Then pass the bouquet and let everyone pick their favorite "flower/roll".  

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