Monday, November 24, 2014

Breakfast Burritos

My LDS Ward is hosting a Christmas Breakfast in a week.  We've been trying to come up with something warm, filling, and SIMPLE to serve.  Oh... and also delicious.  

My daughter Aryn made these Breakfast Burritos for her family reunion last fall.  She made them ahead of time and froze them.  The day they left for their reunion, they threw them in the cooler and they doubled as ice to keep everything else cool.  Genius, wouldn't you agree?

She didn't really have a recipe, so we talked it through over the phone and I did a trial run a week ago.  With a few adjustments, they will be perfect.  We only have to make 200!

There are 3-4 of us making these this coming Friday.  That's only 50-70/each.  The dozen I made were a cinch.

Breakfast Burritos


1 dozen Burrito-size flour tortillas
14 large or extra-large eggs, beaten
12-oz breakfast sausage - cooked, crumbled, and drained
1/2 cup sour cream
3 cups grated cheese, any variety (converts to about 12 oz)
Salt & pepper to taste


Cook & drain sausage.  Set aside.  Do not reserve drippings.  Beat eggs well.  Melt about 2-3 Tbs butter in skillet, and heat until sizzling.  Pour in eggs and scramble by stirring gently with a non-stick spatula.  

When most of the egg is formed and lumpy, but NOT dry - remove from heat quickly.  The eggs should still be very moist and almost runny.  At this point, add the sour cream and gently combine.  (You may think the eggs will be this way when you serve the burritos, but the baking time in the oven finishes them perfectly.  The sour cream helps the eggs retain their moisture, and also adds flavor.)  Now add the crumbled sausage, and gently mix in.  Season with salt & pepper if desired.

Spread mixture evenly in the bottom of the same skillet and divide with your spatula into fourths, as you would cut a pie into quarters.  Each 1/4 of this egg/sausage mixture should make three burritos.  This will help you portion correctly.  

Place a square of foil on counter, then position a tortilla on top.  Top with egg/sausage mixture right down the middle as shown, leaving room to fold in the sides.  Now sprinkle with 1/4 cup of grated cheese.

Fold in the sides, and begin rolling at one end, as shown.  Tuck the egg mixture in as you go.  When you finish rolling, position the burrito diagonally.  Wrap as shown.  Place each burrito seam-side down, with foil end tucked under.  You should be able to fit about 24 on a baking sheet.

Refrigerate until needed, or freeze.  They can also be baked immediately.  

Bake unrefrigerated burritos at 325° for about 25-35 minutes, checking 10 minutes before finish to make sure they are not burning on the bottom.  Cheese should be completely melted and egg mixture steaming.

Cooking time will vary for frozen burritos.  These may also be microwaved for a quick morning meal on the run.

Serve immediately with salsa, sour cream, even ketchup.  Any condiment you prefer makes a good side - even sautéed onions and green peppers.  

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