Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Glazed Holiday Ham

Every Christmas & Easter I usually serve ham at our family meals.  I have had many spiral sliced hams over the years - and they are delicious.  But in my opinion, they just don't compare to a ham roasted on the bone.  Something about the bone being attached to the meat itself makes it take on a wonderful flavor.  Yes - it's not convenient to have to slice your own ham - but my family loves it that way.  The slices are thicker, meatier, and more moist and flavorful.

This ham glaze is a recipe from my beaten-up copy of the Betty Crocker Cookbook (my paperback, trashed copy from 1974)  It's easy, and doesn't have any mysterious spices.  It doesn't overpower the ham, and lets it take the spotlight.  

I mix it up and have it ready to pour over the ham the last 1/2 hour of baking time.  My family loves dipping their ham into the rich, sweet juices that mix with this glaze.  

I've included the guidelines for baking times that work for me as well.  

Then... what to do with your leftover ham?  (Click on the label link for "ham" at the bottom of this blog for more ideas)  

Glazed Holiday Ham

6-10 lb (approximate weight) shank half of ham
1 cup brown sugar, packed
1/2 tsp dry mustard (not prepared mustard)
1 Tbs vinegar

Place ham in roasting pan.  (I always put the cut side down in the bottom of the pan).  Bake 18-24 minutes per pound at 300-325°.  

During the last half hour, combine remaining ingredients.  This will form a very thick paste.  

Pour over the ham, and it will slowly drizzle down the sides.

Return to oven, basting as desired.  

At end of baking time, remove from oven and let stand 1/2 hour before attempting to slice.  

Use leftover ham bone with meat juices and glaze to make ham and beans later.

Our favorite Christmas Eve meal - glazed ham, green bean casserole, whipping cream potatoes, Grandma's Thanksgiving Salad.  Not "magazine-worthy" - but so good!

One of our Christmas Eve games was guessing which holiday
picture was attached to your forehead - only "yes" & "no" questions allowed!

My daughter Whitney had us draw a Christmas "scene" she described to us
on a sheet of paper placed on a book on top of our heads.  Crazy pictures!

We divided into "teams" where we had to place our right arm behind our
backs and work together to wrap a gift.  Cooperation was definitely required.

White Elephant Gift Exchange...
Wrap & bring an item you no longer want (don't go out and BUY one though)
Take turns rolling dice - if you get a "7" or an "11", you can choose one
out of the center.  Next time you roll 7 or 11, you can TAKE someone else's.
Interesting to see which "mystery gift" was the hot item - then to UN-wrap it!

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